1. Two of my works are exhibited at the Groningen museum at the moment for the anniversary of the museum!!! They wil be on display until the 17th of August

  2. Oekoek’s Ko and Iemke

    This  illustration was made for the promotionial material for a new children’s schoolplay called Oekoek by Mary Heylema and Mari-anne Hof. 

  3. I made an illustration for an article about making songs for children by Mari-anne Hof. She put a few of her own composed songs in the article as an example and one of those song was about bunnies dancing in a forest. 

  4. Leaving Home - Uit Huis - by Joost Lieuwma

    During my internship at Frame Order, I helped animating, coloring and more on this movie.

    Be sure to check it out!

    (Source: vimeo.com)

  5. Intro Merel Hamers

    In English my name means Blackbird Hammers

    Toonboom Animate
    Animation: Merel Hamers
    Sound design: Merel Hamers

  6. Newspaper

    My animation Flow was mentioned in the newspaper today!


  7. Willem de Kooning Academie
    Net als vorig jaar maakten tweedejaars animatie- en audiovisuele studenten van de Willem de Kooning Academie prikkelende teasers voor het korte filmprogramma van IFFR. Elk jaar selecteert het festival daaruit een winnende teaser. Dit jaar is dat Flow van Merel Hamers. Haar toepasselijk vormgegeven animatie (olieverf op glas) toont een duik vanaf een rots in een betoverende zee. De jury over Hamers’ animatie: ‘De techniek van olieverf op glas en het kleurgebruik in deze animatie creëert zowel letterlijk als figuurlijk een warm visueel bad, dat als mooie metafoor dient voor de shorts-ervaring op het festival. Daarbij is de muzikale begeleiding goed gekozen en draagt het bij aan het feeërieke, doch eigenzinnige karakter.’ Behalve online zal de teaser ook worden vertoond tijdens de Short Film Marathon op zaterdag 2 februari.


  8. My profile on a Dutch/ Belgian animation site

  9. Flow

    A girl is standing atop of a cliff. She closes her eyes en lets herself fall down into the sea. She opens her eyes under water and sees all kinds of fantastic visions. A symbol of light appears at the bottom of the sea and curious, she reaches for it with her hand.
    Just like the festival visitor, she goes with the flow of the film visions and becomes ‘enlightened’ by the festival.
    The message that i wanted to express in the movie is that the Shorts programme visitor has to let everything go what is safe and known to fully absorb the movies. The fall is a symbol for letting go en the sea for the cinema.
    For this movie, I painted the drawings with oil paint on glass. It was definitely a challenge, because every drawing needs to be wiped clean in order to paint the next. But this way of working was actually what attracted me. The rough strokes of the brush have a charm that wouldn’t be able to be accomplished by working digitally. The technique was also fitting for the visual elements of the film, because of the fluent movement of the sea and the movements of the girl, that follow a fluent line.

    Oil paint on glass
    Animation: Merel Hamers
    Music: Mari-anne Hof
    Sound design: Merel Hamers

  10. Showreel Merel Hamers

    (Source: vimeo.com)